The history of America's Presidential Nominating Conventions

Order personally-autographed copies of these dramatically written and lavishly-illustrated books by award-winning author R. Craig Sautter and understand the historical context for the 2008 Presidential Conventions.

Recapture the intrigue, the oratory, and the drama behind these quadrennial political events whose eloquent platforms expressed the ideals of each era in American history. Follow the exciting campaigns of the men who would become President of the United States and those who tried but failed. Trace the history of the political parties as they unfold over the decades. Contemplate the enduring significance of these critical moments in the political history of the American Republic.

You will want copies of each of these books by R. Craig Sautter for your library and as gifts for friends this Convention season.

New York Presidential Conventions,
The Pre-TV Era (1839-1924)


Inside the Wigwam:
Chicago Presidential Conventions 1860-1996


Philadelphia Presidential Conventions


Background adapted from 1920 photograph from Inside the Wigwam by R. Craig Sautter.
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"The Perils of Brokered Conventions"

A recent article by By R. Craig Sautter featured on the History News Network at George Mason University.

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Statistics on Contested or "Brokered" Conventions 

From R. Craig Sautter's appearance on Bruce DuMont's nationally-syndicated radio show, "Beyond the Beltway" ( 12/20/15 .

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